Towed spreader for trucks

RAS is a simple towed spreader intended primarily for spreading sand, crushed rock and their mixtures with salt on local roads. RAS is attached to trucks using towbar and guiding chains. Safe use of the RAS spreader is enabled by guiding chains which prevent the contact of the spreader and towing truck.

Powered by its own wheels and loaded directly from the tipper box of the vehicle on which it is attached, it has a spreading range limited only by the tipper capacity.

Main characteristics


The roller spreading mechanism distributes the material equally over the entire spreading width, while the mixing shaft prevents the creation of a tunnel effect.


Simple control and high spreading precision

Spreading control is performed using a control system located on the spreader. Dosage of spreading material is performed mechanically using an integrated lever with a visual indication of the spreading material quantity. It can be equipped with remote spreader activation system in the vehicle cabin.



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