RASCO: The next 30 years

RASCO: The next 30 years

On Wednesday, 12 June 2019, as part of the regular semi-annual meeting of RASCO employees, the newly-built facility for the production of communal equipment was opened

The owners, Darko Paviša and Frane Franičević, ceremonially cut the ribbon, and the Chairman of the Board, Ivan Franičević, held the presentation of the company’s results, changes in management and future plans.

In the first five months of 2019, RASCO achieved outstanding business results followed by employment growth, launching of serial production of new products and implementation of numerous improvements to existing products. Along with the completion of the new production facility, the manufacturing process has been redesigned, which will result in increased efficiency. With such a first half of the year, we believe that the positive trend will continue in the forthcoming period, too.

Changes in the management

Beside excellent results, Ivan Franičević also presented changes in the management of the company. The owners, Darko Paviša and Frane Franičević, decided to withdraw from operational management. Mario Štefanec, the former Sales and Marketing Director, and Ružica Petričec Fabijanec, the current Finance Director, have been appointed as new members of the Board. As part of his new position as member of the commercial activities management board, Mario Štefanec will assume responsibility for sales, marketing and support to RASCO Group’s customers. On the other hand, Ružica Petričec Fabijanec will assume responsibility for both IT and business applications, procurement, logistics and EU funded projects, as well as finances, accounting and controlling, as part of her new position as member of the finance and business administration management board. Ivan Franičević, already functioning as Chairman of the Board, will assume responsibility for the production and development of RASCO Group products. Beside new management, the responsibilities for managing individual business departments and teams have also been redefined.

In the following months, RASCO will undergo a series of changes and adjustments in the organization and the method of work which will result in a higher and better standard of all workers, better RASCO products and a more efficient organization of work tasks.

Company values

In order to better achieve our goals, we also need clearly defined company values, as well as a positive and stimulating working environment that is geared towards common success and that rewards and encourages personal growth and development of each individual and the company as a whole.

For this reason, we have defined a set of values that include responsibility, achievement of results, initiative and teamwork. Through these values RASCO is, as a team, the best at what it does.

 New production facilities

Employee satisfaction and well-being have been built into the foundations of the company since the very beginning. This is why we invest a great part of our profit in new, modernly-designed spaces where our employees work every day using state-of-the-art technology. The opening of expanded production facilities marked the start of investment in the expansion of production capacities that should be completed in 2020.

The newly-opened production facility also required the relocation of a part of the production, which involved moving machines of a total weight of several hundred tons. The heaviest single relocated machine, a press for bending metal, weighs a stunning 45 tons, and was relocated within the required deadlines without any difficulties thanks to the dedication and efforts of our valuable employees.

Outstanding results, an excellent and motivated team and expanded production capacities put the wind in our sails, and now we have even greater ambitions for the future. We are confident that we will continue in the same direction, so stay with us during the next 30 years.

More than products. A partnership. RASCO.


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