New distributor in Denmark: Sivertsen A/S

New distributor in Denmark: Sivertsen A/S

Denmark, the only Scandinavian country RASCO was not present in, became an important RASCO’s market as of June 2017

RASCO’s products became available to the Danish customers through the Sivertsen A/S, new exclusive distributor for the RASCO products in Denmark.

Specialized for municipal maintenance

Sivertsen A/S was originally founded in 1938 and today it is, together with Sivertsen HILLERØD A/S, Øbakke A/S and Øbakke Vest A/S, part of the large group owned by Hans Øbakke. The company currently employs 50 highly qualified employees and is focused to providing professional machines for the professional users. Sivertsen’s product portfolio ranges from agricultural machines to the equipment for the municipalities, landscapers and road maintenance contractors so RASCO products fit perfectly.

Sivertsen A/S

Københavnsvej 282
DK-4000 Roskilde
Tel: +45 46 75 55 22
Fax: +45 46 75 61 50

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