Key benefits

MMS is a device used for preparing solutions (CaCl₂, NaCl, MgCl₂, urea) for pre-wetting or liquid spreading on roads. It enables the dissolution of spreading materials by creating a vortex within the tank with the use of a high-flow pump. The liquid is automatically mixed by the pump, and when the desired concentration of the solution is achieved, the same pump can be used for filling the spreader or transferring the prepared solution to additional tanks.

Additional tanks can have a volume of up to 30 000 litres as well as their own pumps that enable the maintenance of solution concentration and prevent the accumulation of material during longer periods of storage.

Key benefits

Large tank volume

MMS agent mixer tank can have a volume from 4.0 to 8.0 m³, while additional tanks can have a volume from 5000 do 50.000 L. Mixer reservoir capacity can be from 4.0 to 8.0 m³, while additional tanks capacity can be from 5000 to 50.000 L.

Minimal maintenance

The device’s tank is made from a special polyethylene material resistant to UV radiation, temperature changes and impacts. Material is loaded in the MMS spreader through a special screen which is easily removed and washed, enables faster dissolving of materials and prevents the entry of large pieces of material and contaminants.


The high capacity pump uses a system of nozzles to moisturise the dry material, thus supporting its fast dissolution in the vortex created within the MMS tank. The tank’s construction enables the creation of a strong vortex and minimises the accumulation of undissolved material in hard to reach spots.

Automatic brine concentration measurer

The key to correct preparation of spreading solutions for roads is a precise concentration of the spreading material in water. This is why MMS and additional tanks can be equipped with an additional electronic system for measuring concentration, which can also control the work of the mixing pump if necessary.

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