Snow plough for clearing tight and narrow spaces

As the smallest plough in the product range, the BILO plough with compact dimensions is used on smaller and lighter vehicles, which entails easy manoeuvring in tight and narrow spaces. Designed as a single segment plough, it is ideal for removing snow at small distances.

BILO is equipped with a mechanism with triple security – swiveling scrapers enable the simple transition over obstacles, supporting elements in the form of wheels prevent the plough’s lodgement, while the hydraulic system becomes activated when the plough has to be raised due to encountering large obstacles.

Main characteristics


Enables the attachment of snow ploughs on vehicles in several ways – using different types of mounting plates for multi-purpose vehicles or by front three-point attachment on tractors.


Snow ploughs can be powered by an installed electro-hydraulic power unit (EHAG) or hydraulics of the vehicle on which it is mounted. EHAG is a simple solution for mounting ploughs on vehicles without hydraulic installations, while RASCO hydraulics are a simple and reliable solution for controlling snow ploughs.


Within its product range, RASCO offers a wide range of upgrades for different types of vehicles in the form of front and side mounting plates, hydraulic systems and electrical installation upgrades.


BILO can be equipped with steel, polyurethane, or rubber scrapers.


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