LYNX Road Show: Poreč, Šibenik and Dubrovnik

LYNX Road Show: Poreč, Šibenik and Dubrovnik

LYNX began its tour of Croatia through Zadar, Poreč, Šibenik and Dubrovnik

After the official launch of the LYNX sweeper at Lauba in Zagreb, we set off on the LYNX Road Show, which is going to be held in 6 cities across Croatia.

The Road Show is a specialized event designed for employees of utility companies, city governments and the media. It aims to bring the vehicle closer to the audience through working demonstrations that mimic the everyday conditions that a cleaner of this type encounters.

Before the actual beginning of the Road Show, at the end of September, LYNX was presented to more than 200 city officials and utility companies at a meeting of the Cleaning and Maintenance Group in Zadar.

We officially opened the LYNX Road Show in early October in the idyllic environment of Blue Lagoon in Poreč, where we hosted representatives of utility companies and media from Istria and Kvarner. We continued the working demonstrations in Šibenik, in particular at the Solaris Resort, where our partners from Zadar, Šibenik, Vodice and Primošten visited us. The last one of the “sea-side” locations was Dubrovnik. Due to stormy weather in Dubrovnik, we presented the vehicles to our partners and media from the Dubrovnik area in an underground garage.

We showed visitors how LYNX cleans and vacuums dust, wet sand, leaves, and plastic and glass bottles off the road. After cleaning with the cleaner, we demonstrated how to work with a hand-held suction hose that is used for cleaning and vacuuming of manholes, street ducts, garbage cans, narrow street edges and similar spaces. A hand-held high-pressure washer is the third cleaning option and is used to wash stubborn dirt off the road, however, it is also useful if you want to wash the cleaner after a day of work. Our esteemed guests were able to find out all the features and technical characteristics of the vehicles at every location of the Road Show, and were given the opportunity to drive the LYNX.

Once again, we would like to thank all the visitors, and after successful presentations in four cities on the Croatian coast, the Road Show continues in mid-October in Koprivnica, Osijek and Zagreb.



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