How RASCO vehicle compositions are made

How RASCO vehicle compositions are made

One of the services available to our buyers is a complete in-house solution for the installation of RASCO machine on a vehicle

Our professional vehicle upgrade team can do almost anything: from mounting small snow ploughs on commercial vehicles, complex mounting of 10-meter crane mower on a 7-ton tractor, or winter maintenance trucks compositions consisting of two 7-meter-wide snow ploughs, spreaders and associated hydraulic upgrades.

Before the work even begins, the vehicle upgrade team does all the necessary preparations: measurements and assessments, the construction points on the vehicle and final installation of the RASCO machine on the vehicle. Vehicle upgrades can be described as a specially constructed connection between the vehicle and RASCO machine, i.e. truck and tractor mounting plates, specialized spreader chassis, frames for mounting side-mounted crane mowers on tractors, special hydraulic attachments, etc.

Our upgrade team installs over 20% of the total machines produced annually. They are responsible for all the upgrades we do inside the factory and a large number of the ones performed in the field.

Among the first in Croatia: 3D vehicle scanning technology

When drawing and constructing complex vehicle upgrades, the team works with some of the best tools available. They are among the first ones in Croatia working with a 3D vehicle scanning technology, which allows them very precise scanning and measuring of individual parts of tractors or trucks.

This process can be compared to magnetic resonance imaging, because vehicle scanning projects the vehicle’s ‘skeleton’ to the computer in real time. After a 3D scan, it is much more precise and efficient to construct the required vehicle connection for the RASCO machine, as well as all the other upgrades needed on the vehicle. End results are compositions that fit perfectly on the vehicle they are intended for. As for the end customer, this means even more efficiency, durability and safety of their winter or summer maintenance composition. Adding to these benefits, 3D scanning speeds up and facilitates the entire process of constructing all necessary vehicle upgrades for RASCO machines.

Despite all the modern engineering tools, the team still sometimes use “analog” tools too: a scales and a meter.

The upgrade process can be divided into two parts: when everything is known about the vehicle and when little or very little is known about the vehicle. With the latter, the upgrade process itself is significantly longer because all the necessary measures must be taken to make the structure of the connections on the vehicle, followed by production of necessary upgrades, and mounting on the vehicle, says team leader Marin Krisla.

Complex installation of side mowers

The team says they cannot point out any project as easy or hard, because every customer and every vehicle has their requirements. However, they agreed that the installation of RASCO side-mounted crane mowers on tractors is the most complex one, because it requires construction, production and mounting of a special frame which envelops the entire lower chassis of a tractor.

When we work on projects like this, we need to have a tractor in the factory to be able to precisely measure and build a frame which will carry the mower. That is why the 3D scanner is extremely valuable and important to us: it shortened the measurement process and increased the precision of measurements, said Marin Krisla.

RASCO: Certified bodybuilder of trucks and Unimog

The complex upgrade process is made easier by RASCO’s status as a certified bodybuilder for a number of well-known vehicle chassis (Mercedes-Benz, Unimog, Volvo, MAN). Status provides an insight into all the processes we must follow when installing a RASCO machine on a vehicle. With the official bodybuilder status, we can guarantee to our customer is that every upgrade on the vehicle is made according to the latest directives of the chassis manufacturer and with the highest expertise in engineering.

A complete solution for winter road maintenance in Slovakia, solution for waterways maintenance in the east of Croatia or spreader installation on a semi-trailer truck are only a small part of the extensive portfolio vehicle upgrade team works on daily basis. We know how important it is that the maintenance machine mounted on a vehicle works efficiently, safely and with lowest cost as possible. That is why we recommend that you entrust the upgrading of your vehicle to our engineering experts.


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