Meet LYNX, a compact sweeper for the city of tomorrow

Meet LYNX, a compact sweeper for the city of tomorrow

This Wednesday in Zagreb, the Lauba Art Gallery hosted the official launch of our new product – the LYNX compact sweeper. This technologically advanced vehicle is our response to the demands and challenges facing municipal contractors in maintaining modern urban environments

To bring LYNX as close as possible to our esteemed audience, RASCO’s story was told by the founders of the company, mr. Frane Franičević and mr. Darko Paviša. CEO Ivan Franičević gave us an insight into the business today and future plans, while LYNX development manager Marko Kolar explained the course of product development.

Entrepreneurial courage

The journey through the last 30 years has not been simple or easy, but with the determination, knowledge and entrepreneurial courage of the two founders, the company has grown year by year.

In 1993, after several years of repairing agricultural and municipal machinery, RASCO launched its first agricultural product on the market. Shortly afterwards, the two owners realized that there was a need for municipal equipment in Croatia, and in 1994 they produced the first municipal maintenance machine – towed truck spreader. It pushed the development of the company even more, because in 1995 we opened the first hall of RASCO production facilities, in the same location where the company headquarters are still situated today.

Huge potential in foreign markets

The founders soon realized that the Croatian market was too small for what they had to offer and in 2000 they decided to start exporting. They began with countries of the surrounding region and Eastern Europe, but soon expanded to most European countries.

We have grown in parallel with the expansion into new markets, so in 2011 RASCO already had 5 production halls and over 200 employees. One of the turning points in the business was the launch of the MUVO implement carrier, which we introduced in 2012. The development project for this compact vehicle will soon prove to be a valuable source of experience for the development of LYNX.

LYNX: A look into the future

LYNX is a product resistant to climate change, because an effective compact sweeper is a necessity for all cities in the world, regardless of the season and weather conditions.

LYNX’s main advantages, along with its superior design, are comfort, autonomy, efficiency and agility. The sweeper gives the user much better visibility when sweeping and stronger suction power.

When we sum it up, LYNX is a premium product for urban maintenance and a result of our experience acquired through hard work and doing business in over 40 countries. Soon it will soon be made available commercially throughout Europe, and beyond.

Metal industry in agricultural area

Although the metal industry tradition never existed in Kalinovac, we have grown from a garage start-up to an established manufacturer of machinery and vehicles exporting worldwide. Due to the fast-moving but stable development of the company, new job openings and new foreign markets, we are proud to be one of the drivers of development in northwestern Croatia today.

Young and educated employees are the cornerstone of our growth and much attention is paid to their professional development. After all, our young, determined and knowledgeable team led by Marko Kolar “gave life” to LYNX.

You can find out more about LYNX on its new website, and find out more about the rest of the RASCO product range here.


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