RASCO became “Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner”

RASCO became “Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner”

The cooperation between RASCO and Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is taken to a next level. After an extensive certification process, RASCO has been awarded the title of "Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner".

RASCO customers often rely on a combination of RASCO equipment and Mercedes-Benz special vehicles when looking for municipal equipment. Mercedes-Benz Unimog trucks, with their attachment and mounting possibilities, offer flexibility in use. And when combined with RASCO attachments such as SOLID or LIQUID spreader and one of the many RASCO snow ploughs, the result is a high-quality configuration for winter maintenance.

Benefits of the “Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner” Certificate

The aim of introducing the certification process for Mercedes-Benz Unimog partners is customer-oriented. RASCO equipment has undergone a series of compatibility and safety tests with the Unimog. The tests cover four relevant areas: Technology, Quality, Service and Sales. This means that everyone benefits from the certification process, not only Mercedes-Benz and RASCO as a certified partner, but especially the end customers, who can be sure that they will receive an optimal combination of vehicle and attachment when they decide to implement RASCO equipment on the Unimog.

RASCO snow plough

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