Slovak road maintenance companies make a major fleet upgrade

Slovak road maintenance companies make a major fleet upgrade

RASCO equipment is used on a total of 34 new trucks and 20 tractors that will be used in both winter and summer maintenance operations on Slovak state roads

Our Slovak distributor, the MB Servis company, has had a busy and successful year in 2020. It placed the winning bids on two large public tenders for the acquisition of new road maintenance vehicles and implements. We are very happy to note the successful completion of both projects which will undoubtedly increase the standard of maintenance and safety on Slovakia’s roads in the coming years.

The first project included 34 identical truck chassis, ready to be fully equipped for winter service ops. The Mercedes-Benz Arocs 1830, a two-axle chassis with 4×4 drive proved to be the optimal choice. Beside a front mounting plate and LS hydraulic system, each truck was assigned a 3,2 meter wide MOSOR PK snow plough and SOLID spreader with 5m3 dry agent capacity. The fully equipped vehicles are showcased nicely in this video of the handover in Trnava Region:



The SOLID spreaders have some interesting features: A pre-wetting system is installed on each, as well as a thermal camera system for automatic spreading dosage. The latter works by detecting the road surface temperature in real time and adjusting the spreading agent quantity according to pre-programmed sets of values. The dry agent transport system inside the spreader is RASCO’s unique LLB chain design which allows precision spreading of not only dry salt and grit but also difficult materials such as moist sand. The main advantage of the LLB system compared to a conventional chain transporter is a completely closed-off spreader bottom, eliminating the hassle of residual spreading agent gathering underneath the spreader. Because the truck chassis will be used with other rear-mounted implements in the summer period such as a tipper body, asphalt hot-box or road sweeper, the spreader is mounted on a “Quick-EST” frame for easy mounting and demounting. Our friends at MB Servis have shown this process in the video below:



The second project involved outfitting 20 municipal-class tractors with boom mowers and an assortment of working tools that enable performing other tasks in addition to grass mowing. The Kubota M135GX chassis was chosen as the drive vehicle. Its turbo charged 135HP 4-cylinder diesel engine delivers ample power for the operation of the rear-mounted NEVA boom mower, which has a reach of up to 6 meters. With its HYDRA heavy flail mowing head, the tractor can clear a 1,3 meter wide lane of tall and dense vegetation in a single pass.

Twelve of the 20 tractors were delivered with additional working tool sets, each comprising of a SRG branch cutter, KAN ditch cleaner and BM weed brush. The mowing head on the NEVA boom arm is interchangeable with the other working tools, allowing for flexible use. The other eight tractors were paired with VERTUS variable geometry snow ploughs for winter service duty.

The tractors and equipment were delivered during the autumn of 2020 and were immediately put to good use. The handover of the trucks was performed in several phases by the end of 2020, just in time for the onset of true winter weather.

The team at MB Servis has shown once again to posses the expertise and logistical background for large-scale projects such as these, and we are sure that the end customer will be satisfied with the performance of RASCO road maintenance solutions in the long term.

Looking for a road maintenance solution similiar to the ones outlined in this post? Our expert staff is ready to answer any inquiries. You can contact us here.


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