MUVO utility vehicle and LYNX road sweeper showcase

MUVO utility vehicle and LYNX road sweeper showcase

Early summer days were ideal for a open space event, where customers got an inside-out look of all useful functionalities RASCO vehicles have

There is not a better way to present a utility vehicle than 3-day live demonstrations. Early July in the company was reserved for our partners and guests.

They came to find out all the news about RASCO’s flagship vehicles – utility vehicle MUVO and road sweeper LYNX.

muvo – winter service and road sweeper in one vehicle

We took them for a tour around the factory and then showed live vehicle demonstrations. Spreading gravel with SOLID XG spreader on MUVO opened each day.

Soon after, RASCO’s expert employee then quickly switched to a MUVO mounted with a SX2 road sweeping machine. The implement sucked the gravel in quickly, leaving nothing but a clean road.

All the implements for MUVO can be quickly replaced. This means that one vehicle can be used for many purposes i.e., road sweeping, winter service, garbage collection and mowing.

Also, most of the available implements can be mounted on similar vehicles from other manufacturers.

LYNX – an ideal city road sweeper

Second part of the day was reserved for LYNX, a 2m3 road sweeper. Equipped with one of the widest suction mouths in the industry and 9000 m3/h suction power, it quickly strolled the presentation area, cleaning everything in its sight: large gravel, debris, wet leaves, plastic bottles.

Afterwards, the operator cleaned with a manual suction hose, intended for sweeping hard-to-reach areas. Manual high-pressure washer is another LYNX’s feature, which is used to clean stubborn dirt, or the sweeper after workday.

Manoeuvrability is one of LYNX’s key features. With its adjustable suspension, it can lift the high enough to climb a 150 mm curb, and low enough to enter underground garages.

Most of the customers who visited the company are already our long-term partners. They were very satisfied with the presentations, and we are happy to continue our successful cooperation.

If you are interested in similar products, do not hesitate to contact us on

*All the events mentioned in this article were held outdoors, under health recommendations given by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

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