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With the launch of the new MUVO website, RASCO celebrates an important milestone in the company's history - 10 years of MUVO on the market.

MUVO, the first utility vehicle developed in Croatia, has contributed to RASCO gradually taking its position among the leading manufacturers of professional equipment for the maintenance of traffic infrastructure in Europe. The know-how acquired during the development and production was later enhanced by new research and development projects and the expansion of the RASCO vehicle portfolio.

First utility vehicle developed in Croatia – in use around the globe

The development of the vehicle began in 2008 in response to the growing demand on the utility vehicle market in Europe. Testing of the prototype began in 2010. The first commercial version of the vehicle was presented at IFAT 2012 in Munich. Following the official sales launch in 2013, MUVOs were gradually incorporated into the municipal fleets of numerous cities on three continents.

The first MUVO went to the city of Bergen in Norway. It is still in use for winter maintenance and has accumulated over 10,000 working hours over the years. Since then, MUVO can be seen in action on the streets of major cities like Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen. At airports in Munich and Istanbul, in Tasmania and in many other places around the globe. MUVO is also in use in more than 30 cities in its home country of Croatia. MUVO No. 350 found its place in Macedonia in June 2022.

MUVO celebrates 10th anniversary

RASCO is marking this important anniversary by integrating it into most of the company’s activities in 2022. After being first introduced to the public at IFAT Munich 2012, MUVO was presented in its anniversary edition at IFAT 2022. Earlier this year, MUVO got its new video. And now the new MUVO website has been launched. The new website has been designed with a carefully planned user interface to ensure the best possible user experience. It not only shows the features and benefits of the vehicle, but also explains how MUVO can be used for different tasks; such as winter maintenance, city street cleaning, vegetation maintenance or waste collection.

First utility vehicle developed in Croatia

MUVO’s development started in 2008 as a response to growing needs in the utility vehicles market across Europe. Prototype testing began in 2010, and the first commercial version of the vehicle premiered at the IFAT 2012 exhibition in Munich.

After official sales began in 2013, MUVO’s gradually joined municipal fleets in dozens of cities across three continents.

Joint venture with Max Holder

In 2015 German manufacturer of articulated utility vehicles Max Holder expressed their interest in MUVO, as they were looking for exactly this type of vehicle to complement their existing product portfolio. Later that year RASCO and Max Holder signed a joint venture agreement. With it both companies became 50% owners of newly formed RASCO Holder company, where future R&D and manufacturing of the vehicle took place. Through Max Holder’s large international distribution network, MUVO became available to a much wider number of potential customers.

In 2016 a new MUVO variant with the EURO 6(A) engine became available, while the initial EURO 5 model would gradually be phased out. Soon after the vehicle was visually refreshed with a “facelift” in 2017.

Max Holder was acquired in 2019 by Kärcher and renamed to Kärcher Municipal. The joint venture continued to function as previously. However, due to recent diverging sales and portfolio strategies, Kärcher and RASCO management agreed that it makes the most sense to dissolve the joint venture. From August 2021 MUVO’s development, sales and marketing activities continue under full control of RASCO Group.

  • In 2015, Max Holder showed interest in MUVO to expand their product line.
  • MUVO reached more customers through Max Holder’s extensive international network.
  • MUVO received a visual update in 2017.
  • Max Holder was bought by Kärcher and renamed Kärcher Municipal in 2019, but the joint venture continued.

The MUVO has it all. A year-round vehicle for the city that is easy and cost-effective to maintain thanks to its uniquely designed and vertically positioned engine. Mark Newton