“Baby” Unimog U219 ready for all year-round maintenance

“Baby” Unimog U219 ready for all year-round maintenance

What makes a great all year-round urban maintenance vehicle? Multifunctionality, smaller dimensions, a variety of options, and a set of RASCO equipment

As experts in road maintenance equipment, certified by Mercedes-Benz Unimog, this time we took to the task of body building a slightly smaller Unimog than usual – the U219 model. The job was given by Croatian municipal maintenance company „Komunalac Samobor“. The equipped vehicle is already maintaining wide city area, packed with roads full of hill climbs and serpentines. The small Unimog is ideal for them because it makes the manoeuvring and turning much easier. Also, “Komunalac” company plans to switch it for crane mowing works as soon as temperatures rise away from winter conditions.

Handover of the fully equipped Unimog to “Komunalac Samobor” company

And what distinguishes the “baby Unimog”, as RASCO employees named it, from other maintenance vehicles? With well-known multifunctionality and 4×4 drive, it is significantly smaller. Its wheelbase of 2800 mm, with total vehicle length of 4,9 metres and width of 2,1 metres make it a narrow-road friendly vehicle. It can carry a maximum weight of 10 t and is powered with a standard Euro 6 190 KS engine.

All functionalities of large spreaders packed in small dimensions

For an effective winter service, we’ve equipped the small Unimog with a SOLID XG spreader with auger conveyor system, ideal for spreading with salt or grit. When the spreading material reaches the chute exit, it is distributed on the road via spinner in widths from 1-6 metres.
This SOLID is equipped with 1,5 m3 dry agent hopper and 500 L wet agent tanks, and built-in sensors which signal the vehicle operator when it’s time for agent refill. The spreader is powered by Unimog’s hydraulic system.

EPOS 5 unit controls all of the spreading parameters directly from vehicle cab. With controlling dry and wet agent spreading and quantity, it can activate travel dependant spreading, adjust the spreading pattern asymmetry and control the spreading using feedback connections.

Variable snow plow for snow clearing on different terrains

On the front side, Unimog is mounted with variable snow plough VERTUS, in 3,2 metres width. Due to its variable wing geometry, VERTUS can adapt to various terrains and clear snow in diagonal, “V” position and in “A” position. Steel blades on the plough ensure thorough cleaning.

As a highly experienced vehicle body builder, RASCO recommends a solution, designs and produces machines and necessary implements, and follows the project until handover to the end buyer. We would be more than happy to take up on your project or answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us here.


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