Better at work: RASCO Academy

Better at work: RASCO Academy

RASCO Academy professional education program started live again, with service staff from Avtek company in Ukraine

Employees from Avtek company, our disitributor in Ukraine, recently visited RASCO company premises. They signed up for RASCO Academy to learn more about LYNX road sweeper, as well as other machines, all of which are under their service supervision in Ukraine.

LYNX education lasted for two days. It included detailed preview of LYNX’s production process in the factory, vehicle service workshops and presentations by RASCO service staff.

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Afterwards, the Ukranian team learned more about FLEXIMA rear boom mower, LIQUID brine sprayer, TRP tractor spreader and PL street washer.

The education finished after three days of presentations and live demonstrations. Mr. Andrii, Mr. Oleksii, Mr. Mykola and Mr. Serhii were very satisfied with the all the materials given by the RASCO staff. They will return for a new set of knowledge if needed.

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Learning program for professionals

RASCO Academy is an educational program for professionals working with our vehicles and machines. It provides education, information and real-life examples, to ensure safe and efficient work.

Presentations and education flow are fully adapted to the specific needs of the participants, and their previous knowledge.

Main goal of the Academy is that the students receive the necessary knowledge and support for working with RASCO vehicles and machines mounted on vehicles. Therefore all trainings are accompanied by live presentations. They consist of practical examples of working on vehicles / machines mounted on vehicles, given by RASCO service staff.

All the materials provided through the Academy are informative and useful for everyone using them. Their purpose is to give motivation for further work, and to apply what they learned in practice.

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