Intensive maintenance in European cities

Intensive maintenance in European cities

Cities all around Europe pay special attention to the health and safety of their citizens during period of the epidemic

Washing and disinfection of the city areas is now included into regular maintenance activities of municipal companies. They clean, wash and disinfect areas such as main streets, squares and areas where most of the residents pass. Public transport stations, playgrounds and waste bins are also washed and disinfected. Maintenance vehicles and machines in their fleet help the employees to do their job safely and effectively.

Municipal company Grinda in Vilnius maintains and disinfects the city centre, squares, public transportation stations, waste bins and populated areas outside the centre with the help of the high pressure washer and SX2 compact sweeper mounted to MUVO vehicle.

Photo credit: Municipal company Grinda, Vilnius

Kiev’s municipal maintenance company Kyivavtodor is using a PL front washer in combination with a LIQUID sprayer tank to wash and disinfect roads, public transport stations and buildings.

Video source: ДжеДАІ Official YouTube channel

Thank you to all the employees in municipal companies for their continuous effort in these difficult circumstances.

Stay healthy and safe.

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