Major investments in production in 2020

Major investments in production in 2020

2019 was Rasco's most successful year: breaking our own records in the number of orders and the manufacturing of new machines, hiring more than 60 new colleagues and launching our second vehicle - the LYNX compact sweeper

Such excellent results are made possible by major investments in production, from investments in renewable energy sources, expansion of production facilities and renovation of existing ones, all the way to reorganization of production, and investment in employee satisfaction and education.

Rasco 1 solar power plant

In early 2019, the Rasco 1 solar power plant, located on the roofs of two production facilities, was commissioned. In less than a year, the power plant produced 452 MWh of electricity, which was consumed for our own needs within the factory. To give a comparison, the electricity produced would have been sufficient to power around 130 households in Croatia for a year.

New production facilities to increase competitiveness

We entered the summer season with the opening of a newly built production facility of nearly 2000 m2, which has been added to the existing Hall B. At the same time, much of the production has been reorganized, with the aim of raising productivity and competitiveness in over 40 markets where Rasco operates. Our hard-working employees have done the difficult task of relocating a part of production (including a 45-tonne metal bending press) and replacing a large part of the warehouse in a timely manner.

In mid-2019, Hall A, the first hall built at the location where we are today, was renovated. It was transformed into a production area for the LYNX compact sweeper, which brought us the prestigious “Zlatna kuna” Award for innovation at the end of 2019.

Investments in 2020

We entered the year 2020 at the same pace as we finished year 2019. By this year’s autumn, we plan to complete the construction of two additional buildings – the administration building and the Hall C extension. Most office spaces will be relocated to the administration building, while the expansion of Hall C will further increase our production and storage capacity.

The total value of the project for the construction of three new buildings, the procurement of new production machinery, the training of operators of new machinery and the participation in the utility technology fair will amount to over 6,1 million EUR, of which EUR 2 million EUR is co-financed by EU funds.

During 2020 we also continue to invest in our employees. In addition to continuous pay raises and full travel expenses, we also introduced a regular monthly food allowance in October 2019.

Thanks to numerous investments, 2019 was one of the most successful years in the company’s history. We broke our own records in the number of orders and the manufacturing of new machines, hired more than 60 new colleagues, and launched a new premium product – the LYNX compact sweeper – which will also become available in an electric-powered version this year.

We are convinced that the investments in progress will be the basis for further growth and a great celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company that is coming in the second half of the year.

Check out our gallery to see the current look of the existing plants, the new plants under construction, and the future look of the administration building.


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