Ready for the summer season 2021

Ready for the summer season 2021

Croatia is working full-time to welcome its guests in a safe and clean environment. We visited the island of Rab, where Lynx road sweeper came to help

Being a tourist country, Croatia is thoroughly preparing for the summer holiday season. Keeping streets, squares, pedestrian zones, and bicycle paths clean in every city is a must. That is why tourist areas in Lynx’s home country need a reliable road sweeper to get the job done.

Road sweeping power for the best results

Today our team visited the island of Rab, where the municipal operators are getting everything ready for the guests. Sweeping and cleaning is made easier, because they have Lynx with strong 9000 m3/h suction fan and wide suction mouth at hand. One of many other Lynx’s advantages is accessing areas other road sweepers cannot. It can climb over high pedestrian curbs or enter low underground garages. Also, it can easily go uphill on 30% climbs, fully loaded.

Lynx Road Sweeper

In addition to standard two-brush cleaning, it is possible to install a third brush, which increases total cleaning width from 2,8 m to 3,2 m.

More about Lynx

It is powered with a 62 kW diesel Euro 6C engine and comes with a great working autonomy. 2 m2 waste tank, 230 L reshwater tank and 170 L recirculation tank. Add the 65 L fuel tank, and Lynx does the 8-hour shift without the need to return to base. Once the waste tank is filled, it can easily be emptied through the hydraulic controlled container door.

Control system is intuitive and easy to learn, and it can “remember” the preferred operating settings. Manual vacuum cleaner and high-pressure washer are stored within the road sweeper, and operator can use them any time for cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.

Lynx Road Sweeper

Lynx is designed for comfortable and undisturbed work: the extended roof protects from direct sunlight and the glass cabin and floor allow the brushes to be always in sight. The cabin is soundproofed and air-conditioned, and the operator has special compartments for documents and heating / cooling of beverages.

Road sweeper has built-in monitoring and diagnostics via the Arms system. Therefore the fleet manager has insight into the working hours, fuel, and water consumption at any time.

The future is now

Lynx is already working in 12 countries worldwide, and counting. Its suction power, manoeuvrability, strong performance, unparalleled comfort, and future-proof design make it an ideal choice for urban areas in every part of the world. Contact us directly on to find out more.

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