Working with boom flail mowers: A customer story

Working with boom flail mowers: A customer story

125-year-old company “Karašica – Vučica” from Donji Miholjac, Croatia chose RASCO as their partner for demanding work with boom flail mowers

Right after the start of summer mowing season, we have visited the “Karašica – Vučica” company. Almost 70% of their everyday job includes mowing and river basin maintenance, and they need the best equipment possible. They also recently added three new RASCO boom flail mowers to their professional machine fleet.

Terrains they maintain put a very heavy load on machines, and unpredictable downtimes are sometimes possible. Being so, they need a reliable partner with fast service response, which they found cooperating with RASCO.

We need quality after-sales support. Machine downtime is just not acceptable. If a machine stops, it means a waste of money for us, states Mr. Valter Cigrovski, head of maintenance in „Karašica – Vučica“ company, Croatia.

A decade-long partnership

Successful cooperation with RASCO lasts more than a decade. During the time, they have equipped their maintenance fleet with 9 boom flail mowers. All of them are side mounted models, designed for most demanding work on high river dams and deep canals. The mowers are mounted on John Deere, Massey Ferguson or Belarus tractors.

In the past 10 months, they added MAXIMA with 10-metre power arm reach mounted on a John Deere 7430, BRK with a 7-metre power arm reach mounted on a John Deere 6135 and another BRK with 6-metre boom arm reach on a Massey Ferguson to their fleet.

The operators mow approx. 2500 kilometres of Karašica and Vučica rivers drainage systems, 8 to 10 months a year, depending on the needs. In addition to maintaining the canal network, the company works in civil engineering, canal drainage, watercourse regulation, linings, water supply and sewerage.

Along with boom flail mowers, “Karašica – Vučica” purchases mowing heads, spare parts, and requires a quick and efficient mechanical service support.

Their director, Ms. Senka Jurić addressed our partnership:  Quality to price ratio is favourable, cooperation is excellent, communication is at a high level, and we hope it will stay that way.

Watch the successful customer story here:

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